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Arctic Satellite Composite Imagery - Visible

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Title Arctic Satellite Composite Imagery - Visible
Description The Space Science and Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison generates an visible (~0.65 microns) Arctic satellite composite imagery. Using a mosaic of all satellite data available allows the benefits of both the timeliness and routine observations of geostationary satellites as well as the high latitude coverage of the polar orbiting satellites. The Arctic visible composites are created every hour for a total of 24 images per day. Most input satellite observations included in the composite were procured within 15 minutes of the top of the synoptic hour. No image is more than +/- 50 minutes from the top of the synoptic hour. Geostationary and Polar orbiting satellites used to generate the composite can include: POES/NOAA, GOES -East and ?West, METOSAT, MTSAT, FY-2, Kalpana-1, and Terra/Aqua.
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