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Landsat 8 OLI-TIRS European Coverage

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Title Landsat 8 OLI-TIRS European Coverage
Description The European coverage of Landsat 8 data since the beginning of the mission is available on the Landsat 8 portal. Data shown on the portal: • Reprocessed (Tier 1 and Tier 2) products acquired at ESA receiving stations (Matera and Kiruna visibility masks), May 2013 - December 2018; some time windows are currently missing and will be gradually available as reprocessed • European coverage (NRT, Tier 1 and Tier 2 data), from January 2019 onwards • Daily data from Landsat-8 on the Landsat-8 Portal. Landsat 8 level 1 products combine data from the two Landsat instruments, OLI and TIRS. The level 1 products generated can be either L1T or L1gT (30m resolution, 170 km x 185 km scene size): • L1T - Orthorectified products Level 1T data products consist of radiometrically corrected image data derived from L0 data scaled to at-aperture spectral radiance or reflectance that are resampled for registration to a cartographic projection (referenced to the WGS84, G873 or current version). The L1T product is orthorectified, and corrected for terrain relief. The geometric corrections use observatory ephemeris data and ground control points; DEM data is used to correct for terrain relief. • L1gT - Geometrically corrected products L1gT data products consist of L0 product data with systematic radiometric, geometric and terrain corrections applied and resampled for registration to a cartographic projection, referenced to the WGS84, G873, or current version. L1gT data products assume the use of on-board positional information or definitive ephemeris, as well as the use of controlled elevation data to correct for parallax errors. In case of insufficient GCP, caused by extensive snow/cloud cover, which makes the orthorectification impossible, products of this level are produced instead of L1T.
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