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Landsat8 collection (SENTINEL Hub)

Title Landsat8 collection (SENTINEL Hub)
Description Landsat8 products stored in the catalog provided by SINERGISE SENTINEL Hub. The Landsat program is the longest running enterprise for acquisition of satellite imagery of Earth, running from 1972.The most recent, Landsat 8, was launched on February 11, 2013. The images are a unique resource for global change research and applications in agriculture, cartography, geology, forestry, regional planning, surveillance and education. Landsat 8 data has eight spectral bands with spatial resolutions ranging from 15 to 60 meters; the temporal resolution is 16 days.
Type series
Date 2013-05-30T00:00:00.000Z/
Keywords soil, landscape, vegetation, Science Keywords > Earth Science > Spectral/Engineering > Visible Wavelengths > Visible Imagery, Science Keywords > Earth Science > Spectral/Engineering > Infrared Wavelengths > Thermal Infrared, TIRS, FedEO, SINERGISE, SENTINEL HUB, DIF10, Landsat-8, OLI Instrument
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