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Landsat Level2A images (Theia)

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Title Landsat Level2A images (Theia)
Description Reflectance Landsat images (Level 2A) processed by the Theia Land Data Center (http://www.theia-land.fr) for the CNES French Space Agency (http://www.cnes.fr). The processing center developed by CNES uses the MACCS prototype L2A chain developed and designed by CESBIO. LANDSAT 8 L1T Input data come from USGS (http://earthexplorer.usgs.gov) that we would like to thank for releasing freely the LANDSAT 8 datasets.
Type series
Keywords Geology, Land cover, EARTH SCIENCE > ATMOSPHERE > ATMOSPHERIC RADIATION > REFLECTANCE, LANDSAT-5, LANDSAT-7, LANDSAT-8, TM, ETM, OLI, DIF10, FedEO, THEIA, muscate, level2A, reflectance, landsat, CNES
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